5 TIps for You to Sleep Well and Ensure More Health


Sleeping well can make all the difference to do well on a test, be more creative at work and cultivate an enviable memory. That’s the basics that studies on the importance of sleep in people’s lives are revealed. The crucial question is still why.

“Chronic sleep deprivation can have important consequences. Who sleeps little presents usually irritability, reduced performance, concentration problems, memory complaints and fatigue,” says neurologist Alexandre Machado, the Hospital Santa Paula (SP). “Insomnia including significantly increases the risk of domestic accidents, labor and transit, due to the change in alertness and inattention.”

Sleep Function
Machado states that, although the function of sleep in humans is not fully understood, sleeping well is related to the physical, hormone secretion, to memory consolidation process and to the proper intellectual functioning.
In the United States, according to the National Sleep Foundation, lack of adequate sleep causes more than a third of American adults are suffering from diseases which could be avoided. In Brazil it is no different. According to the neurologist, the insomnia complaints are more frequent among women – mostly divorced, widowed or separated – and increase with age. Studies indicate that insomnia seems to be more common also among people with financial problems.

In the opinion of Dr. Alexandre Machado, another cause of sleeplessness is taking medications or diseases, but it is usually associated with habits that need to be changed. “More severe cases can be treated with medication, but some simple changes can restore sleep and health.”

The Expert points out five simple tips to sleep well and ensure more health:

1. Before going to bed, write down everything you need to make important the next day. Thus, you avoid losing your precious time in bed enumerating the activities you have to do later.

2. Delegate tasks. The closest people can not do everything as well as you, but take a deep breath and thank their help.

3. Get used to using the internet services such as paying bills, grocery or buy gifts. It is more practical and you avoid a lot of wear, such as traffic, parking problems and queues.

4. Take the TV and the phone’s room! This is a temptation and a problem that affects sleep either.

5. Avoid drinking coffee, mate tea, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks in the evening. Prefer lemongrass tea or mint.