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Sweet Sleep Mattress
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Unique Progressive Density

Revolutionary technology, which offers postural alignment, researched, developed and patented exclusively by Oriental J2000. A single mattress presents the ability of meeting the needs of different anthropometric profiled (body mass and height), adapting to the most varied human biotypes.

• Allows for good axial alignment (vertebrae) during rest, aiding in the rehydration of the vertebral disks and reduction of musculo-articular tensions during the 7 to 9 hour period we remain lying down daily, promoting comfort and aiding in the prevention of vertebral dysfunctions. (LEILNAHARI, et al, 2011).
• Aids in the PREVENTION against possible vertebral derangements such as scoliosis, herniated discs, lower back pain, and its terrible consequences when stemming from the use of inadequate mattresses. (JACOBSON, et al, 2010 – Effect of prescribed sleep surfaces on back pain and sleep quality in patients diagnosed with low back and shoulder pain).
• Its various scientifically developed inner layers yield individually according to the anthropometric characteristics of each user, especially in the most protruding points in the body (Figure 1) and this process helps improve pressure distribution over the muscles, bones and joints preventing localized pain, exhaustion and physical fatigue once awake. (JACOBSON, et al, 2009 – Changes in back pain, sleep quality and perceived stress after introduction of new bedding systems).


Profiled Therapeutic Massager

Convoluted foam (Figure 2) that, after undergoing treatment which includes vulcanization and drying, increases its endurance elasticity and durability to acquire the ability to redistribute pressure over the superficial circulatory system, preventing the development of ischemic compression points (poor blood flow) and promoting smooth sensory stimulation similar to the therapeutic touch. (HAUSWALD, et al, 2000 – Maximizing comfort and minimizing ischemia: a comparison of four methods of spinal immobilization.)

• Its shape aids in the PREVENTION of muscle cramps and varicose vein formation stemming from compromised blood flow, induced by the use of flat and inadequate surfaces. (Fig.) (ZERNIKE, 1997 – Heel pressure relieving devices how effective are they?)
• Special products used in conjunction with the process of vulcanization inhibit the excessive spread of mites, fungi and common bacteria found in mattresses, helping in the PREVENTION of allergic episodes. (TSURIKISAWA et al, 2013 – Encasing bedding in covers made of microfine fibers reduces exposure to house mite allerens and improves disease management in adult atopic asthmatics).
• Of high durability and resilient to premature wear due to sweat transmitted naturally to mattresses.

Interactive Lumen Magnetic Therapy

Pads containing static magnets (700 to 800 Gauss) and far infared rays emitters (7 to 14 micros) distributed between the coned peaks of the first layer (profiled therapeutic massager) emit a static field that covers the entire surface of the mattress. Its natural and constant use, though imperceptible to human senses, is similar to the effects of taking in the morning sun or stepping barefoot on the cool humid earth.

• Acts in the PREVENTION of stress, fatigue and muscle aches through exposure to the magnetic fields of intensity similar to the ones generated by the geomagnetic field. (MARKOV AND COLBERT, 2001- Magnetic and electromagnetic field therapy).
• Promotes reduction of a magnetic energy shortage caused by electro pollution and geomagnetic distortions in urban environments AIDING in the Ph balance maintenance of organic liquids, which favor homeostatic recovery. (MARKOV, 2007 – Magnetic Field Therapy: A review).
• Acts in the improvement of physical and chemical quality of blood sells PREVENTING and AIDING in the processes related to the decrease of pain, swelling, physical exhaustion and constant fatigue. (MARKOV, 2007 – Magnetic Field Therapy: A review).
• Aids in osteoporosis PREVENTION through infared rays when there is insufficient Vitamin D synthesis in the organism from a lack of sun exposure. (MASUDA et al, 2007 – A new treatment thermal therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome).
• Aids in the release of the toxins and residue of dead skin cells, making the skin healthier and more beautiful.



Bamboo & Viscose Thread Fabric and Carbon Fiber

Produced exclusively for ORIENTAL J2000, the fabric that covers our mattresses serve a function that goes beyond aesthetic appearance and acts in an important role during sleep.

• Carbon thread aids in the release of excess static electricity accumulated on the body’s surface. In releasing the body from its static electricity, muscle tension decreases and the user relaxes and falls asleep more quickly.
• Since it is a natural bactericide, bamboo fiber inhibits the excessive spread of mites, fungi and respiratory allergy-causing bacteria.
• Bamboo fiber helps maintain the body’s natural temperature, guaranteeing a night’s rest that is both peaceful and refreshing.


IMPORTANT: The applied technology in our products are preventitive in nature for health and quality of life through proper rest. They are not for the purpose of healing and do not replace nor deem unnecessary medical treatments and/or procedures.

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