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Conducted Research (Conventional Mattresses)

Conducted Research (Conventional Mattresses) Research conducted with conventional mattresses proved important facts. A piece of equipment working in conjunction with a matt containing micro points of weight exposure and a sophisticated computer program determined high pressure points from everyday mattresses on the human body.


Various mattresses were tested by the “Postural Biomedicine Group of Italy/USA.” With this test, it was proven that these mattresses do not maintain ideal body posture during rest because they compress the muscles against the bones and joints. In reality, it proved that the greater the pressure point areas, the bigger is the possibility of localized pain in various parts of the body. This increases postural alterations of the vertebrae, causing pain or greater issues such as a herniated disk, scoliosis and kyphosis, among others.

Research Conducted (Oriental J2000) Unique Density

Traditional mattresses distribute weight unevenly, creating pain-inducing pressure points which causes user to toss and turn more than necessary during rest. You will be able to sleep better, according to your body’s needs because the Oriental J2000, through research, developed a product that allows a single mattress to be able to serve various physical biotypes. You will be able to sleep and awaken refreshed, free of body aches with the UNIQUE PROGRESSIVE DENSITY.


IMPORTANT: The applied technology in our products are preventitive in nature for health and quality of life through proper rest. They are not for the purpose of healing and do not replace nor deem unnecessary medical treatments and/or procedures.

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