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What is the Purpose?
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What is the Purpose of our Mattresses?

When questioned on this important topic linked to sleep quality, most people respond that mattresses are merely good for sleeping. This is not untrue, however, today we know that the mattress is much more than that. Recent scientific studies throughout the world prove that a good night’s rest is directly linked to physical disposition for the next day as well as enjoyment of life, because it is how we spend a third of our lives. “THOSE WHO SLEEP BETTER, LIVE BETTER.” According to this concept, we can confirm beyond any doubt that the mattress is an important and essential factor for this need. When it is of an adequate quality it can bring countless health benefits. However, if it is not adequate the results can be detrimental and contribute to the worsening of many rest-related issues such as: muscle pain, back pain, poor blood circulation, fatigue, stress, migraines, irritability, increase of insomnia-related issues and neurological disturbances associated with a poor night’s rest such as: memory problems, lack of focus, daytime drowsiness, bad mood, among others. Therefore, beyond useful for merely sleeping, mattresses also serve to provide a healthy rest and contribute to the recharging of energy, bringing a feeling of health on a more broad sense. Preventing and protecting what is actually more important: OUR HEALTH.

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