Futon Mattresses - Promotional Pad - Black

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Promo futon pad, black, 75.00 x 54.00 x 6.00"h.

* set includes: one (1) futon pad

* high-quality 2.8 density fiber foam with twice the longevity of regular polyurethane foam
* soft and comfortably firm batting made with the highest quality cotton blend
* quality innersprings constructed using hardened steel
* futon covers available in colors to fit every space
* product dimensions may vary depending on location
* one 5" foam pad, two layers of cotton batting

* futon pad color: black
* cleaning code: s
Futon Mattresses - Promotional Pad - Black
75.0"W x 54.0"D x 6.0"H - 30.0 lb

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